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MS 150

MS 150

On a personal note, the following sites have been very helpful to me on my journey:

I was seeing a psychologist to help me deal with issues that stemmed from being diagnosed with MS.  I was having a hard time going out in public as I felt like everyone was staring at me.  A lot of times, the reason why people “stare” is because they’re trying to figure out what is wrong as I appear to be perfectly healthy.  I’ve never enjoyed being the center of attention, and having people watch me was just too much.  So, Dr. Young recommended meditation before I went out in public, and I have found it to be very helpful.  I had never meditated before meeting Dr. Young, and I found the following sites to be very informative:


The National MS Society website is a great place to find support and information about MS.


A very dear friend of mine was telling me about a friend she had in college who had been diagnosed with MS.  Her friend created a website to help others with MS, and my friend recommended it to me.  I checked out her website and immediately loved it!  It’s a great website, and I hope you, too, find it informative and encouraging.  The name of her website is The Self-Healing Coach.


While looking at The Self-Healing Coach’s website, I learned about Ann Boroch, who also has MS.  After being diagnosed with MS, Ann Boroch went to school and is now a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Iridologist, educator, author, and inspirational speaker.  She now helps people all over the world to become healthy again.


When I was working, my doctor recommended physical therapy for the constant back pain that I was experiencing.  It was when I was in physical therapy that I learned about the Kinesio Taping Method.  I was really surprised of the instant relief the taping gave me, and wore the tape every day the last year or so that I worked.


After reading Ann Boroch and The Self-Healing Coach’s websites, it became apparent to me that vitamin supplements were necessary in getting one back to good health.  I have found the company, Vitacost, offers a lot of really great vitamin supplements at very reasonable prices.


On another note, I know the reason why I am where I am today is because of the grace of God.  My family and I have been members of New Hope Church for many years.  In fact, that’s where both our son and daughter were baptized.  As there are days when it is difficult to get around, I was excited to learn that New Hope has videos of all their services online.  To watch a video of a service, simply click on:  New Hope.


A wonderful friend of mine created a website called Miracles.  It is a very inspirational website.


I hope you find the above websites helpful in your journey with MS.



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  1. Rob Resnik says:

    My name it Rob Resnik, my wife after years of suffering from IBS, daily headaches, 5 to 6 sinus infections a year, rashes, acid reflux, cankers sores than finally being told it looked like she had MS. I discovered the Paleo diet in 2004 on a web-site called Direct MS. I got my wife off just gluten and dairy at first and her symptoms started disappearing, I had my youngest child-who was four at the time tested for celiac, he tested positive. We have been Paleo/gluten free since. I am on a mission to educate people to take control of their own health. Please check out the Gluten/MS connection. Thanks Rob Resnik

    • admin says:

      Good morning!

      Thank you so much for sharing what you and your wife are going through. I agree with you . . . our diet has a tremendous effect on our health. I am now seeing a nutritionalist . . . I’m learning so much and making a lot of changes to my diet. I am feeling so much better, and I am seeing positive results already.

      Thank you again for your note and sharing your journey with us. I wish you, your wife and your family the very best.


      • admin says:

        Oh, my gosh! I recently heard about Dr. Wahls through Karen Gordon with The Self Healing Coach. Karen and Dr. Wahls hosted a webinar this past Wednesday night and it was so informative. Dr. Wahls’ story is so incredible, and so very encouraging. Thank you for sharing the link with us . . . I know so many people will find it helpful.

        Take care,

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